NEK 405-3 Electrical control Industry

2 days
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  • Classroom
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Do you want to obtain certification in NEK 405-3?

Then we can offer a 2 day course that is preparatory to the certification.

The certification is performed by Nemko or DNV. Fill out the registration forms and submit them before the course starts

DNV: Personsertifisering - DNV


Aids for certification: Aids used in a normal working day can be used during the exam. It is recommended to take regulations and norms in book form, but digital documents are also allowed. (Not Google)

Several insurance companies offer discounts on the premium to insurance customers who regularly carry out electrical inspections by certified personnel and rectify any deviations that are reported.

Information about certification scheme and competence requirements, Different network systems, how the various systems "work" in the event of errors, the Whiteboard standard, Potential fire hazards, Measuring instruments and operation, Regulatory changes over time, Documentation.

The course is exam-oriented for those who want a certificate of competence in the Electrical Control industry through DNV or Nemko. On-site exam possible.

N.B. Certification in NEK 405-3 requires passing the exam in NEK 405-2 Elkontroll bolig. This course does not cover this section.


  • The inspector must, together with the client, be able to set the reference level and goals for electrical control.
  • The inspector must have competence and see the difference between the various network systems. The inspector must be able to assess the earthing system and leveling conductors.
  • The inspector must have knowledge of the board standard and its requirements, and be able to assess expert and unskilled operation.
  • The inspector must be aware of the requirements for protection against electric shock during normal operation and in the event of a fault.
  • The inspector must be able to use simple measuring instruments and be able to interpret the measuring results.
  • Regulations / standard FEL / NEK400 and FEB-91 must be known. Deviation report shall refer to details in the regulations.
  • The candidate must be able to assess safety in the facility regardless of the age of the facility / equipment, and it must also be assumed that the candidate is aware of older regulations.
  • The inspector must know the requirement for documentation in accordance with FEL §12, and assess the delivered documentation in regard to the facility and vice versa.
  • The candidate must know the requirements for the instructed person.
  • The course is built around these qualification requirements and as a preparatory course before taking the exam in connection with certification.


The course is exam-oriented for those who want a certificate of competence in the Electrical Control industry through DNVGL or Nemko. On-site exam in residence or business for those who want.

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