Machinery regulations (FOM)

6 hours
Target group
  • This course is intended for installers, case officers and advisors in the electrical industry. However, it can also be useful for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, maintenance managers and maintenance personnel.
Course type
  • Classroom
NOK 5 200
The course is a general review of the Regulations on Machinery (FOM), with some associated standards. A "common thread" throughout the course will be risk assessment. What are the Regulations on Machines (FOM) and how it "works". Do you know that the electrical system for the ventilation system, refrigeration system, pumping station, etc. is part of the machine?
Who is responsible for ensuring that the machine is safe? Can we (client, electrician, etc.) become a responsible machine builder without even being aware of it? What applies when we enter an existing machine and make changes? What is the documentation requirement for a machine?
  • Purpose
  • Enforcement authorities
  • Directives, Regulations (FEL-FEU-FOM) and standards.
  • Qualifications, who can do what?
  • Scope of application, what is a machine?
  • Who the Regulations are targeting
  • Responsibility and role distribution
  • Risk assessment (FOM Appendix 1, NEK EN 60204-1, NS-EN ISO 12100), is a requirement, must be documented. A general review with good examples.
  • Requirements relating to documentation FOM §8.
  • Declaration of conformity type IIA and IIB, what is the difference?
  • The Regulations relating to the performance of work apply when the machine is put into operation, who is responsible?
  • Interface electrical installation machine
  • Review of NEK EN 60204-1 Machine safety - Machine electrical equipment (Maskins «NEK400»).

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