NEW: Exam preparation course in NEK 405-3-2 Electrical control road traffic systems

NEK 405-3-2
3 days
Target group
  • Personnel who have valid certification in accordance with NEK 405-3 (validity of the certification is 5 years) and who wish to expand their market area towards transport. The course is also relevant for others who want to become better acquainted with the regulations for road traffic systems, among other things. N601 Safety requirements for electrical installations in and along public roads, and NEK600 El and EKOM in road traffic systems. N601 and NEK600 are additional requirements for what are already the requirements of FEL and NEK400.
NOK 17400,-
The candidate must arrange reservations for hotel rooms themselves. ExTek is not involved in the communication between the participant and the hotel about bookings/cancellations.

NEK 405-3-2 is a new substandard in the NEK 405 series, which describes the methodology and competence for third-party assessment of the delivery to the road owners.

The standard also forms the basis for third-party assessment such as periodic condition analysis.

A third-party assessment will lower the level of conflict in the event of new acquisitions and ensure that requirements in operating and maintenance contracts are met.

Typical clients are road owners such as the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, New Roads, Counties and Municipalities.

The course provides a good competence basis for completing the certification exam.

If you wish to take the exam, you can follow the link.



The exam can also be completed later by agreement with DNV/NEMKO.

NEK405-3-2 Electrical control Road traffic systems: The exam has a duration of 4 h and consists of 2 case assignments and multiple-choice assignments. All aids except for assistance from another person are allowed.

Competence requirements:
In order to be certified in accordance with NEK405-3-2 Electricity control Road traffic systems, it is required that you have previously passed the exam in the NEK405-3 Electricity Control Industry, and that this is still valid.

To be certified, it is also required to meet one of the following options, but remember that practical experience can be obtained between courses and certification exams.

Alternatives: 1) Certificates in electrical engineering, and; – Minimum technical vocational school; and

  1. Certified in accordance with NEK 405-3; and
  2. Practice must include a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience in road facilities (tunnel and road during the day).

Option 2) Certificates in electrical engineering, and;

  1. Certified in accordance with NEK 405-3; and – Practice must include a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in road facilities (tunnel and road during the day).

Duration of course:
The course is held over three days. Two days as a classroom course, a week's stay, then a day as a webinar. The exam can be conducted on the same day as the webinar, or later if this is desired.

Agenda/competence objectives for the course:

In order to carry out control of electrical installations in public road traffic systems, the candidate must:

through passing the exam, document the following additional competence:

  1. Tunnel Safety Regulations
  2. Vegnormal N601:2021;
  3. Vegnormal N601:2017;
  4. NEK 600:2021.

The candidate should be familiar with relevant road templates and manuals:

  1. N100 Road and Street Design;
  2. N200 Road Construction;
  3. N301 Work on and off road, Appendix 2: training (work warning course);
  4. N400 Bridge Design;
  5. N500 Road Tunnels;
  6. Handbook R511 Safety management of road tunnels;
  7. Handbook R512 Safety, health and working environment in road tunnels during operation;
  8. Handbook V520 Tunnel Guide;
  9. Handbook V630 Electrical Supervisor
  10. Emergency power supply in road tunnels;
  11. V124 Technical planning of road and tunnel lighting.
    The list is not exhaustive


The following literature should be brought to the course:

  1. NEK 400:2022
  2. NEK 405-3-3 :2020 Electrical control Road traffic systems
  3. Vegnormal N601:2021
  4. Vegnormal N601:2017
  5. NEK600:2021
  6. Access to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's normals and manuals:

If not available, they can be obtained from Standard Online AS,


Older regulations and expired norms find withdrawn norms:

Contact information at Standard Online AS:

Phone: +47 67 83 87 00


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